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Featured Mix by Vinyl Richie


photo credit: Julia Wilczok

Vinyl Richie was born in the Bronx, and got his taste for music at a young age listening to records in the house and around parties in his neighborhood. At 13 years old Richie was motivated to be a full fledged DJ after understanding what the mix show and block parties DJs was controlling. In high school Richie started to travel around the NY boroughs looking for music to play and to sample. Notorious for finding the right tune and not putting the records back in their proper sleeve, mentors and friends started to call the young digger Vinyl Richie.

Before leaving for college Richie was already a working DJ, doing parties on the weekends and performing at the "End Of The Week", NYC's longest Hip Hop open mic on Sunday nights. While developing his craft and presence in NYC's club scene, Richie started to travel around the world brining his local NY vibe to international music lovers. As he continues to travel, collaborate, produce and perform for crowds, Richie always feels at home behind two turntables and a mixer.


photo credit: Rameen Gasery

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